Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The wounds received at the battle of Zama on Saturday have now healed and once again I am about to attack those pesky Romans, this time with a paint brush, and they don`t stand a chance.

As can be seen, the first six are firmly clamped to my painting aids, so there`s no chance of them retreating from the huge, paint laden hairy object which will eventually assault them.

I`ll probably stare them out for a couple of days just to weaken their resolve, or until the bottle of Liquin which I have ordered arrives, and I make a start.

In the past I have used oil paint on minis, and I thought that these chaps would look rather nice painted in that medium. "YE GODS, HAS HE LOST THE PLOT?!" I hear you users of the acrylic medium exclaim. "IT WILL TAKE AGES FOR THE PAINT TO DRY!" Fear not good fellows because the Liquin helps paint flow but, more importantly, it makes the paint dry much quicker. All is under control. Trust me.

Tune in again for another exciting update/progress report. In the meantime you are welcome to try to change my mind and go the way of the vast majority of you who probably think I`m nuts.

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  1. That looks very organised, John. I look forward to seeing them coming on!